Graphic Designer Tips: Business Card Designs That Work

The value of good-quality business cards

Business cards are effective promotional tools, which reflect and represent your business and of course, you. Even if you are a devoted business executive, a poorly designed card communicates the opposite. A well-designed card that suitably represents you and your business can intrigue its recipients. Investing in high-quality cards may be expensive, but you will be pleasantly surprised by the number of potential clients that will get in touch with you to discuss business proposals after you start giving out your new and improved cards.

Your business cards must represent your company

A business card design should reflect your business type. If your company deals in tourism, your business cards should be colourful and vibrant, while a financial institute should use minimal and simple styles. The reason is that people associate the qualities reflected in your card with your organisation and may choose to do business with your company only if it seems to have the appropriate qualities. Your card is the first representation at their end and it should be impactful.

Include your company’s logo

Your company’s logo is one of the most important elements on your card, because logos generally have the power to reflect a business and gain the trust of potential clients. When your logo comes in contact with target audiences, it creates an impression about your business.

Add a slogan or a tag line

If your business does not already have a slogan or tag line, you need to create one that reflects what your company does in a very short sentence or phrase. This phrase could be part of your company’s vision or mission statements. Keep it concise, attractive, memorable and clear, with not more than five words. Don’t take this as an opportunity to provide elaborate details about your product.

Keep it simple

The preferable backgrounds for business cards are white or light grey, both of which prevent business cards from looking very cluttered. If you have a lot of information to provide, use both sides of the card to make each of them look spacious. Your goal is to make your card look attractive while providing all the essential information.

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Custom Business Card Design – Do’s and Don’ts

There was a time when business cards served a very practical purpose, that of letting others know how and where to reach your business. Though that is still the primary purpose of the card, they have become an avenue to enable your creativity to take full rein. With so many options for custom business card design services, everyone can become a designer and create a card that leaves a striking impression in the minds of people who receive it.

Several business owners incorporate handy tools like a match box, a comb, and even musical instruments within the card to make it stand out among all the rest. While there are no rules when it comes to creating card designs, there are a few essential dos and don’ts that business owners can adhere to.


Do incorporate your logo into the visiting card. In the age of personalization, using mundane clip art on your call card is not a salient idea. Designing a logo is simple and there are many professionals out there who can help you design a logo that reflects the ethos of your business. Including your logo on the card is a great idea because it helps to foster a long-lasting connection between your brand and the logo.

Do limit your business card to a couple of type fonts. When it comes to custom business card design, it is easy to get carried away and try to include everything you like on that little bit of paper. Limit yourself to one or two fonts to ensure that the cards are readable and not cluttered.

Do keep it simple. If you have multiple addresses to list or more information to add to the card, consider using the back of the card for the same. A cleaner and simpler card is easy to read and does not cause a visual overload.


Don’t use cheap paper. While you are designing your card, put yourself in the shoes of your prospective customers. How would you feel if you got a paper thin card that is easy to tear? A badly designed and executed visiting card will leave the customer wondering whether your services will follow the same quality standard.

Don’t be afraid to break the rules. These cards can have pull-out tabs, be of different shapes, colors and materials – the only thing limiting you is your imagination. Let your card reflect who you are in terms of shape, design, and material.

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No Sweat, No Tears. DIY Business Card Design Tool

You read it right. There is a business card online design tool you can use to create your very own business cards design. And it doesn’t require any downloading, installing any new programs or using any compatible software.

The business card design tool is an online feature you can easily use to personalize your own business cards. Now you can explore your imaginative side and dig your hands into crafting your own style of business cards.

The business card online design tool allows you to play with it, tinker with your design and add other details templates in other online printers would not allow you to do. It operates at your command without complicated steps and operations. Unlike professional programs used for creating graphic designs, the business card online design tool will only take you seconds to master. Its user friendly interface allows you to explore and manipulate your design at will.

With the business card online design tool, you no longer have to depend on professional help. You can make business cards expertly by yourself with our easy to follow step by step procedure.

Step 1
When you click on the online design tool, it will take you to a page where you have to put in your contact details. This, of course, includes your company or line of business, company slogan, name, position, phone numbers, fax number, email address and website address. You can leave out some areas blank and you can still proceed to the next step.

In this area, there are various templates for you to choose from. Templates are arranged in categories depicting images and themes aligned to your career or nature of business. These templates vary from animals, beauty, communications, to spiritual, transportation and weddings. Each template also illustrates the fonts to be used and the entire layout of the design. Both of these however, the fonts and the layout, can be changed later on, in Step 3.

Step 3
After deciding on which template to choose, you can add more details into your business card design. There are familiar buttons and tools you can click on to change the font color, size and style. There are bold, italics and underline buttons too. As well as left, right and center align to make your texts in properly balanced.

By double clicking, you can also edit your text on the spot. On the other hand, with the click and drag method, you can position the text and other elements wherever you want on the business card design.

However, take note of the red and blue lines that marginalizes your business card. The red line indicates the live area. All images or text should be within the red line and not cross it. The blue line is the trimline where your business cards will be cut according to its size. Therefore, it is never wise to place any object beyond these two lines.

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