Business Card Design – 5 Decisions That Increase Your Referral Business

Anyone who orders a marketing materials has to consider a number of factors to ensure that they get the best possible design. This simple little card which may seem unimportant to some is an excellent marketing tool which helps clients to remember who you are and how to contact you. Putting some thought into the design ensures that you achieve this goal in an effective manner.

Business Card Printer – The Choice
Several factors go into picking a great business card design. The most important factor is the company you choose to entrust with the responsibility of designing your cards. There is no denying the simple truth that a company which develops the graphics, logos, and cards by hand is capable of developing far more professional and attractive cards. It also reduces the chances for costly mistakes.

Business Card Company Logo
Another major factor to consider in your design is the logo. A logo is an important element in that it cements the relationship between you and the company and passes along to you some of that professionalism your company is known for. This is a great choice because it helps to build brand recognition. No matter what logo is used it is incredibly important that the logo is clear and high quality to enhance the image of professionalism. A well designed logo is paramount.

Business Card Color and Layout
Another factor in the design is the colors which will be used and how they are laid out on the card. Colors can set the mood for people. Well chosen colors can allow a card to stand out from a pack of cards and they can provide a professional image. Well designed colors are also easy to read so your clients don’t find themselves squinting to figure out how to contact you.

Business Card Papers
Paper type is another major factor that goes into the impact of the final product. It may seem like a minor detail but it plays a significant role. Heavier paper is more durable and not as prone to damage. It has a strong impact on the prospects and all by itself adds an air of professionalism even if it was not a great platform for high resolution graphics (which it is), something thinner cards won’t be able to claim.

Business Card Finishing Touches
The finish also plays an important role in the final design design. There are two major types of finishes, and they both offer benefits and drawbacks. Matte is the most common finish. Its main benefit is that it is easily written on using a standard pen so you can add additional information if you need too.

Glossy finished business cards are also very common. The glossy finish has the benefit of providing a far more finished looking product. It helps to provide clearer, crisper images and graphics. The major drawback is that it is not easy to add additional information if you are prone to writing on the cards.

It is important that you take some time and work with a great company to develop your business card design. This design can help or hurt your business and your image. This means that taking the time to develop a great card is imperative if you want to reach your maximum success level. They can also work as a great method of building brand awareness.

Why Hiring A Company To Create A Business Card Design Is Better

The business cards are good examples of functional advertising methods. Most of them measure 31/2 inches wide by 2 inches tall. The card size allows you to store it in your wallet or purse as you step out of the house. Mainly, when you attend upscale business or casual events, it is good to carry your business cards with you. Several new business people you are likely to meet at the party might be interested in your business ideas. However, make sure the business card design is not embarrassing.

If you are not a designing expert, you had better look for a good company within the industry. Several companies provide a brochures design, flyers designs, menus designs, logos designs and even a letterhead design, among others. A brochure design is just as important as the business card. It is even better because it provides more information to your clients that a business card. A brochure needs to be easy and direct to read. If it is too detailed, some people are much more likely to ignore it. Therefore, you have to make sure the presentation is logical, and most appropriate.

A company’s letterhead design is such a unique feature, which you may not know how to create well. This is precisely why you want to delegate this task to an experienced company. These days it is easy to find the most suitable company to create the business identity designs for you. If you specifically want to produce the best business card design, this is not a problem. These companies boast of many designers who know their jobs perfectly.

You can even have them customize the cards just the way you prefer. The advantages of hiring are many including the quality of the output. The best company will produce a product that you could use for years to come. It should specifically value uniqueness, quality and durability of the designs they produce. As you can see, you have no excuse for not using brochures, flyers, letterheads and other items to advertise and operate your business.

There two main issues you should always consider. These are:

* Layout of the card – This has to do with the format of content, logos, and contacts. The most important thing is proper arrangement. Your company or personal contact details look ugly on your card if they are not together. You should not print the names on one corner and the physical addresses on the other. If you are not creative, it is good if you hire someone else to create your card. You will see how people value professional looking business cards. The logo is another tiny bit but a very imperative feature on your card. The logo should be very detectable. Many people associate a company logo with the company products or services.

* Card’s purpose – In the recent past, people just created these cards to inform others about their business. This explains why the business name, contacts and the holder’s name were the only information included. Today, business people are making use of the rear side of the card. They simply want to blurb something about the details for their products or services. Some cards even feature the company goals and core values.

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Brochure and Business Card Design Companies Helping Leave a Mark Behind

In today’s fast paced world, it is important to know and it is equally important to remember, but given the limited amount of time, work pressure and multi-tasking requirements, the human mind is constantly reeling under pressure. In such circumstances, can we really blame a person sitting at the reception desk, answering the constantly ringing telephone off the hook to remember every single visitor that comes to the office? No. This is where visiting cards or business cards come into play. A small piece of hard paper with the person’s name, profession, business address and contact details inscribed on it has done wonders and saved many from the pain of remembering. But then again, it is also necessary to stand out from the crowd and be the first one to be presented at the CEO’s desk. To get that one phone call to turn your business around, what one needs is a good design, that catches the eye and who can make it possible other than a good visiting card design company- a company that not only specializes in visiting card design but also brochure design and business card design.

It is again the diverse portfolio that the company offers that attracts your eye. Getting everything under a single roof surely helps and so a company that has proven expertise in dealing with visiting card design and brochure design at the same time can cost you half your time. However, it is very important that you lay your hands on the right company. ‘Right’ is a very important word here as among a crowd of companies that offers brochure design or business cards design, one has to pick the one which will give you the best of services.

Best of services here refers to two things: quality and customer satisfaction as these two go miles to retain customers in the long run. Quality wise, say if you are a prospective client looking to get brochures designed for a trade fair in which your company is participating or you are a real estate agent or a company delivering innovative business solutions, you would obviously look forward to get a brochure that speaks for itself. As such, the company in which you are investing for brochure design must be able to design and deliver the bespoke one as brochures play a big role in creating an image for your company. A brochure, that is not only printed in high quality paper, and is colorful, but which all over has a very professional look and feel to it. It is a good tool in advertising and marketing.

Same is the case when you are looking forward to a good business cards design. A business card speaks about you, your business’s identity in a miniature form and hence needs to be unique. So whether you are a shipping company, a travel company or a restaurant owner, your business card or visiting card should leave back enough information about you. An experienced visiting card design company therefore will not only stop with providing the clients with enough templates to choose from or give them the option to preview the designs before one actually places the order but also perhaps give their clients the opportunity to upload a design or design their own templates or browse through a wide catalogue! Customer satisfaction is that what we are talking about here.

So if you really want to be that one satisfied customer, then make sure that next time you try to find out who has designed that unusual vising card that lays on your desk. If that catches your eye, then you might also want your company logo to look a little different in the future. A brochure printed on A4 size paper or a visiting card design in a 9cmx5cm premium ivory paper can take your company places. A thriving business needs to be seen continuously and make sure that people see it with a different eye. is a one stop destination for brochures and business cards that are different. Apart from visiting card design, they also offer logo design, posters and flyers and emailers.

A Handy Guide For Professional and Exciting Business Card Designs

Everyone who has a business or who are very professional people want to have business cards with their information on it so that they can hand it out in a moment’s notice to whomever needs one. The business card design is an important feature of the card to show who you are and what your business is all about.

When you go shopping for your business cards, the design is what you need to look at and decide on one that will show off who you are. The business card design can sell your business for you. If you’re a lawyer you don’t want your business cards looking childish or plain, you want them to look professional with a very nice design on it and have some color to show that you’re a bright and professional lawyer.

The business card design is a very important part of anyone’s card. It tells others what your expertise is and it shows how professional you are. If you have a crummy little business card that has faded colors and not a pretty bright nice look picture and or background on the business card it’s not going to look as professional as others.

What is really neat and awesome are the ones where you can design your own business card designs with your own art work or pictures that you take. Why not put a picture of a wedding cake that you made and are really proud of if you’re a caterer or if you’re a wedding planner, a wedding picture on the card as a business card design would be great. If you’re in photography, there are a lot of great designs that you can choose from so that you have a great looking and very professional looking card about your business out there.

If you’re not into all the bright colors and such, then at least have a nice background to where someone can see that you took the time to pick out your business card design and just didn’t go for the first one that you saw.

When you’re in a serious business, such as a law enforcement official or a bail bonds man or something along that line, you probably don’t care and don’t want a pretty and colorful background or picture on your card. But try to make it to where it’s noticeable and nice looking and not just white and plain, which give off the vibe as boring.

There are several sites that do an awesome business card design; you can find some pretty awesome cards on these sites to choose from; anything from an officer of the law to a real estate agent and just about anything in between. They have glossy and colorful cards for you to choose from. They are all very professional in the way the design looks on the cards. Very professional and they have two-sided printing which makes the cards look very professional.

When deciding on your business card design, be sure to take your time and put in your information on each of your favorites designs and look and compare to see what would look the most professional at a first glance. Business card designs are a great addition to helping you get your business out there for people to see and take notice of.

So when you finally decide on a great business card design, check out the sites that offer affordability as well as high quality. Some of the sites will even offer free shipping with every order!

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